Pursuant EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR)


This statement relates to personal data processing in the sites property of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI S.p.a., in relation to its brands
(from now on Site or Sites)
and is made available by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI S.p.a., headquartered in Via S. Antonino, 107, 52043 CASTIGLION FIORENTINO (Arezzo), Italy. Tel. +39.0575.65601 Fax +39 0575 65.93.55, registration number 00102310513 || R.E.A. N. 52794/AR || VAT number IT 00102310513 

The Site is owned by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI, which also owns the corresponding name and domain and is the Data Controller for the Sites, pages and profiles opened under its name in social media platforms, such as Facebook , Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Contact by Site forms

Data entry forms are intended for businesses and individuals. PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI does not prevent the access to the Site content and its services. In case of personal requests made by individuals, the registration or request will be possible after the provision of data. Your personal information will be processed only to allow you to complete the formalities you requested by means of the Site forms or where applicable, after your consent.

Newsletter registration

The personal information requested during Site registration or requested directly by the Site allow you to use online and web services offered to PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI registered users, such as commercial communications, newsletters, information material about initiatives and events promoted by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI. If the registration request comes from an individual, the data subject should give their consent.


On your advanced request, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI can process your personal information in order to send you advertising material and newsletters about its products and services. The requested and processed data can be first and last name of the data subject, telephone number, email address, user type (individual or business, in the latter case name and identification of the company).

People under 14 cannot give their consent pursuant to Italian and European law. PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI does not process users’ personal data and cannot verify the age of the users browsing the website. Therefore, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI does not accept any responsibility about it and is not liable for any untrue statements made by the minor.
If the statements provided by the minor are assessed as false, the Data Controller will immediately delete all personal information.

Use of the contact details obtained

PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI may use direct contacts for the promotion of products offered through the Site, the email address you provided when requesting information about the Site or when accessing our profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or others, with your consent and if the request is similar to a previous one. However, you can in any moment reject this processing by expressing your opposition to PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI as provided in the following art. 4.

In compliance with GDPR, with this statement we inform you that PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will process personal data provided through the Site at the following conditions.

Art. 1.

Purpose and legal basis for the processing. Mandatory or optional provision. Consequences of denial to processing.

The processing of personal data has the following purposes:

  • Allow the optional registration to the services of the Site, access to services reserved to registered users, and allow law dispositions or regulations in force to be respected. In particular, to comply with the provisions related to administration, accounting and public security. The legal basis for the processing is your request and confirmation of your data (double opt-in) to register to the Site and access to the services reserved to registered users.


  • In case of online supply information request, to allow the conclusion of the sales contract and the proper execution of the related operations (and, if requested by the industry regulations, to fulfill tax obligations). The legal basis of the processing is the obligation for PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI to execute your request of purchase contract;
  • upon your request, limited to the e-mail address you provided, within the con text of a request you made through the Site, to allow PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI to send a direct offer of similar products, provided that you do not oppose this treatment as described in this notice. The legal basis for the processing is the legitimate interest of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI to fulfill requests for this kind of communication;


  • Upon your request, to send via e-mail newsletters and advertising and information material related to the products of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI (marketing purposes). The legal basis for the processing is your request to receive this kind of communication and no processing other than sending the newsletter requested;
  • upon your request, to allow the Customer care to fulfill your requests. The provision of data is optional, but if you refuse, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will not be able to answer your questions by means of this service. The legal basis for the processing is the legitimate interest of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI to fulfill the user’s requests;


The provision of data for the purposes described in a), c), d), and e) is entirely optional. However, since this processing is required to sign up to and send a request to the Site, your refusal to provide the data will compromise the registration to the Site and/or the fulfillment of your request through the Site.

The processing of your data for marketing purposes is optional; without your specific request of data processing for marketing purposes, you will not be able to receive via e-mail newsletters and advertising material related to the products of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI.

Nevertheless, it is intended that PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI may use your personal data to comply with the obligations covered by the law in force and the contractual obligations between you and PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI.

We remind that, as mentioned in the general statement sent by e-mail after your request and confirmation of data processing, or as provided in the appropriate link, you shall have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data, by using the appropriate link in the site and at the end of any promotional e-mail sent by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI.

Such opposition is extended also to communications sent by ordinary mail.

With regard to the processing of personal data, your personal data must be processed to complete the necessary formalities and/or to conclude any supply contract request with PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI. Therefore, if you do not provide these data, you will not be able to complete any request.

Sensitive data/judicial data


PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI does not process sensitive or judicial data through this site. Any information about the certifications of products related to ethnic groups and religions and specific nutritional needs, such as KOSHER, HALAL, or USDA-NOP certified products, is already available in the appropriate site link. Any request of individuals concerned will not be processed.

E-mail traffic data


As part of the electronic mail service (from and to, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI process some data for the transmission of communications through the electronic network, by means of an external framework that serves as data processor. This framework is based in Italy, so data are not transferred abroad to be processed.
The data stored in the electronic mail service are those requested and listed in Legislative Decree No. 109, 30th May 2008, as reported:
- IP address used, e-mail address and any further sender identification;
- IP address and FQDN of mail exchanger host, if SMTP technology is used, or any type of host related to a different technology used for the transmission of communications;
- e-mail address and any other identification of the receiver;
- IP address and FQDN of mail exchanger host, if SMTP technology is used, or any type of host related to a different technology used for the transmission of communications which has delivered the message;
- IP address used by the receiver to receive and read e-mail messages, regardless of technology or protocol used; 
- date and time (GMT) of connection and disconnection of the electronic mail service user on Internet and IP address used, regardless of technology or protocol used; 
- Internet service used.

Such data have been processed and stored in order to provide the service and to comply with the law (namely, for detecting and suppressing criminal offences). They are stored with strict safety measures that make them available only to personnel with written authorisation. These people can access only upon request of the judicial authority, accompanied by reasoned order issued by the public prosecutor, using particularly complex authentication methods established by law.
By legal obligation, electronic mail data are stored by the Data processor for detecting and suppressing criminal offences for six years after its generation. Moreover, electronic mail data are processed for day-to-day business operations related to the provision of the service (e.g. for historical purposes in case of invoice challenge or claim for payment, findings of fraud, analysis on behalf of customers), as provided by law. In this case, data are stored with strict safety measures required by law for six months after their generation. Subsequently, data are deleted or stored for the period of validity of the relationship conditions, as described later by art. 5.

Technical navigation data


Information systems and software procedures used to operate the Site acquire, during the normal course of operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet. It concerns anonymous information that is not collected to be associated with specific individuals, but by their own very nature could, through the processing and association with data held by third parties, allow users to be identified. This category of data includes IP addresses, type of browser, operating system, information on pages visited by the users within the site, access time, navigation length on each page, clickstream analysis and other parameters regarding the operating system and the user IT environment.
These technical/IT data are collected and used in aggregate and anonymous form only for the following purposes:
1. Improving the quality of service and optimising the functionality of the site;
2. Compiling anonymised statistical data about the use of the Site;
3. Comply with any law requirement.
These data are stored in server logs, not available to users, used only if necessary during controls of normal operation of the site. Such acquisition and storage is for the time strictly necessary and exclusively for statistical purposes, for monitoring the correct operation of the site and preventing any abuse of the services offered by the site free of charge, and does not have user identification purposes. It is also necessary for the defensive investigations forecast by the law 397 of 7th December 2000 or, in any case, in order to defend in a judiciary process a right violated by the use of the service offered.

Art. 2. Methods of processing


Your personal data will be processed with the aid of electronic or automated means, according to adequate modalities and using means that guarantee safety and confidentiality as required by GDPR. In particular, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will adopt all technical, IT, organizational, logistical, and procedural safety measures to guarantee the minimum level of data protection required by law, by allowing the access only to the persons responsible for processing the data on behalf of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI or to Data processors designed by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI.

The information acquired and the methods of data processing shall be relevant and not excessive in relation to the type of services offered. Data will be handled and protected in environments whose access is constantly under control.

Further processing


Statistical processing:

The services offered in the site allow the Data controller to monitor and analyse traffic data and track users behaviour.
Google Analytics (Google Inc.) is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google will use the Personal data collected to track and evaluate the use of the Sites, compile reports and share them with the other services developed by Google. Google may use your personal data to contextualise and customise the messages of its advertising network.
Personal data collected: Cookies and usage data.
Processing location: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

Interactions with social media and external platforms:

These services allow interactions between the Site and social media or other external platforms, directly from the Site pages. The interaction and information obtained by this Application are always subject to the User’s privacy settings for each social network.
If a service enabling interaction with social networks is installed, it may still collect traffic data for the pages where the service is installed, even when Users do not use it.
Typically, we are also referring to buttons like “link at..” “Like” and social widgets used in these platforms. These are services interacting with the social network, for which each provider acts as autonomous controller and the related safety conditions of personal data apply. Such conditions shall be referred to for information about the collected data and the places of processing. Usually, these data are cookie and usage data and are processed in USA or in a >European country, as mentioned in each platform policy. We do not use links to platforms different from those described.


Art. 3. communication and disclosure of data

Your data may be disclosed to:

  • All those subjects (including public authorities) having access to personal data by virtue legal and administrative provisions;
  • Companies and third parties in charge of printing, mailing, shipping and/or delivery and/or collection of products purchased through the Site;
  • Post offices, shippers and couriers in charge of the delivery of the products purchased through the Site;
  • Banks and companies that manage national and international payment circuits that allow online payment of the products purchased through the Site;
  • Companies, consultants or professionals in charge of installing, maintaining, upgrading and, in general, managing hardware and software that PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI owns or uses to provide its services;
  • External companies designated as Controllers for sending advertising communication on behalf of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI;
  • Employees and/or contractors of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI;
  • Subjects who manage payment transactions;
  • Public and/or private entities, natural and/or legal persons (legal, administrative and tax consultancy offices, judicial offices, chambers of commerce, employment chambers and offices, etc.), if communication is necessary for the correct fulfillment of undertaken contractual obligations and legal obligations.
  • The data concerning you will be disclosed only in an aggregate and anonymous form, for statistical or research purposes.
  • The personal data you will voluntarily submit in the pages of the social media platform managed by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI (the pages with the link to the Facebook, Instagram or other social network page) are subject to the conditions each user accepts and agrees to when signing up to the social media platform. Therefore, the privacy conditions described and accepted in each platform apply.
  • Since social media platforms allow the access to personal information of registered users, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will use personal data for autonomous personal profiling or other forms of statistic classification of contacts only in the modalities and forms intended and offered by the same social media platforms as services to all registered users. Also, such platforms are autonomous holders of functions and services provided through the platform itself.
  • Some social media platforms have places of processing abroad, in some cases in countries outside Europe, but with reciprocal agreements in terms of personal data protection legislation.

Art. 4. Data controller


As Data controller, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI can be reached at the following contacts:
Head office and plant: via S. Antonino, 107. 52043 CASTIGLION FIORENTINO (Arezzo), Italy. Tel. +39.0575.65601 Fax +39 0575 65.93.55.
Web site

Art. 5. Retention of personal data


PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will store your personal data for no more than the time necessary to satisfy the objective for which they were collected.
PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will store your personal data for marketing purposes for 5 years after the last provision and consent. Subsequently, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will destroy your personal data or ask for the renewal of consent.
In any case, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will store your personal data for 10 years after the last provision for legal defence as required by national legislation for administrative and tax obligations.

Art. 6. Data subject’s rights


Pursuant to art. 13 of GDPR, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI informs that you have the right to:

In particular, the User has the right to:

  • Withdraw their consent in at any time. The User can revoke their previously granted consent to the processing of their Personal data.
  • Oppose the processing of their Data. The User can oppose the processing of their Data if it is on a different legal basis from the consent. Further instructions on the right to object are detailed in the next section.
  • Access their own Data. The User has the right to receive information about the Data processed by the Controller and specific aspects of the processing, and to receive a copy of the such Data.
  • Verify and ask for rectification. The User can verify the correctness of their Data and ask for the update or correction.
  • Obtain the restriction of processing. When specific conditions apply, the User can request the restriction of the processing of their Data. In that case, the Controller will process the Data for retaining purposes only.
  • Obtain the cancellation or removal of Personal data. When specific conditions apply, the User can request the cancellation of their Data by the Controller.
  • Receive their Data or have them transferred to another controller. The User has the right to receive their Data in structured and current format, readable by automatic devices and, where technically possible, obtain their uninhibited transfer to another controller. This disposition applies when Data are processed with automated tools and the processing is based on the User consent, on a contract which the User is a party of or on related contractual measures.
  • File a complaint. The User can file a complaint to the competent personal data protection supervisory authorities or engage in legal proceedings.


Such rights can be exercised by sending a request made without a formal procedure to PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI contacts, as mentioned in art. 4.

Specifically, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI informs that the portability right implies you have the right to receive in structured and current format, readable by automatic devices, your personal data provided to PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI. You have also the right to transmit such data to another data controller without being impeded by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI.

Art. 7. Changes


PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI reserves the right to apply changes to this notice at any time, by providing adequate communication to the users of the Site and guaranteeing in any case an adequate and similar protection of personal data. In order to see such changes, we invite you to review this notice on a regular basis.
By any means, if PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI should apply substantial changes to this notice (e.g. personal data processing for different or further purposes), an e-mail will be sent to data subjects.

Definitions and legal references


Personal data (or Data)
Personal data refer to any information that can identify or make identifiable a natural person, directly or indirectly, also in relation to any other information, included a personal identification number.
Usage data
Information automatically collected by the Sites (also by third-party incorporated applications), such as: IP addresses, domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (successful, error, etc..), the country of origin, the characteristics of the browser and operating system used by the visitor, the various time details per visit (such as the time spent on each page) and the details of the itinerary followed within the Sites, with special reference to the sequence of pages visited and to other parameters relating to the operating system and the user's IT environment.
The person who uses and accesses to Sites and Social media platforms of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI SPA that, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the Data subject.
Data subject
The natural person to whom Personal data refer.
Data processor (or Processor)
The natural or legal person, the public administration or any other entity that processes personal data on behalf of the Controller, as mentioned in this privacy policy.
Data controller (or Controller)
The natural or legal person, the public authority, the service or other entity that, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and methods of processing of personal data and the tools used, included the safety measures related to the operation and use of this Application. Unless otherwise specified, the Data controller is the controller of this Application.
Site or Sites
Hardware and/or software and Internet connection system through which Users’ Personal data are collected and processed.
The Service provided by the Sites as defined in its terms (if present) in this site/application.
European Union (or EU)
Unless otherwise specified, any reference to the European Union contained in this document is extended to all current member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area.
Small portion of data stored within the User’s device for several purposes.

Legal references

This privacy statement has been prepared on the basis of several national legislations, included art. 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679, and pursuant to Legislative Decree 101/2018, which amended the previous decree 196/2003.
Unless otherwise specified, this privacy statement covers exclusively the Sites of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI SPA.


Newsletter policy


The Newsletter of Pastificio Fabianelli S.p.A. (hereinafter “PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI”) provides a continuous and extensive research and update about the news of its products and brands, recipes and usage possibilities, main trends, events and activities of the Controller all over the world, as well as all the initiatives in the food industry.
Due to ethics and responsibility, our communications will follow a periodic, non-invasive schedule.

Newsletter subscription

PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI process the users’ personal data with utmost care. This notice defines PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI privacy policy, which regulates the processing of personal data collected by voluntary transmission to the site.
The Newsletter of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI is sent on a regular basis by e-mail to those who request it by voluntary filling the form at the bottom of this “Contacts” page. Also, they must expressly authorise PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI to process their personal data.

With the subscription request, the user expressly accepts and agrees the conditions defined in this privacy policy.
The consent to data processing is optional and voluntary. Therefore, we inform you that the refusal to provide your personal data implies the impossibility to receive our newsletter.

Notice regarding the processing of personal data

This notice is provided in accordance with Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 (hereinafter “GDPR”) and with other national legislation, as applicable, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data.
The personal data provided by you or collected by the site will be processed based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and rights.

Navigation data

The programmes used to operate the site, to connect to it (e.g. link or other) and consequently to collect the data used to send you the Newsletter, collect some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols (e.g. IP addresses that connect, time of request and other data). Such data are used exclusively to get statistical information, will not be associated to any user identification data and will be deleted immediately after the processing.

For further information, you can read our Cookie policy at the following address: Cookie policy

Purpose of processing

The personal data provided by users are used only to send the Newsletter and will not be communicated or transmitted to third parties.
In order to compare and possibly improve the communication results, the Controller (PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI Italia S.r.l.) may use systems to send Newsletter and promotional communication with reports. Thanks to the reports, the Controller will know, for example, the number of readers, page openings, clicks; the number of users who have not confirmed yet the subscriptions; the details of sent e-mails for each date/hour/minute; the details of sent, not sent and submitted e-mails; the list of subscribers who deactivated the Newsletter, etc.

Methods of processing of data

The collected data are processed with IT tools. We adopt appropriate safety measures to prevent data loss, misuse or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

Retention of data

Your data will be stored for the time necessary to provide the service requested. For the processing of your data for marketing purposes, the maximum time is 5 years according to the law, after which the data will be deleted, unless you decide differently.

Persons under the age of 14

Persons under the age of 14 cannot provide personal data, pursuant to art. 8 of GDPR. Therefore, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI will not be responsible for any false statement provided by the minor.
If the statements provided by the minor are assessed as false, the Data Controller will immediately delete all personal information.


The Controller has applied several safety measures to protect its data from loss, illegal processing or other misuse. In particular, the measures described in art. 32 and subsequent articles of GDPR have been applied, maintaining a high safety standard, continuously monitored.

Data controller

We inform you that the Data controller is: PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI S.p.a.–
Head office and plant: via S. Antonino, 107. 52043 CASTIGLION FIORENTINO (Arezzo), Italy.
Tel. +39.0575.65601 Fax +39 0575 65.93.55.
Web site

Your personal data will be processed exclusively by the staff appointed by PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI or by external suppliers designated as Data processors.
As part of its activity and for the purposes indicated above, PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI may use services provided by third parties which operate as data processors on its behalf. These are subjects which provide PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI services to support communication, maintain websites and e-mail efficiency, etc.
You can request the complete and updated list of the subjects designated as data processors by contacting the Controller.

Data subjects’ rights

The subjects whom personal data refer to have the right to obtain at any moment the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of such data, know their content and source, verify their correctness or ask integration, update or rectification.
Pursuant to the above mentioned legal provisions, you have the right to ask the cancellation, anonymisation or block of data processed in violation of law, as well as oppose their processing in any case, for legitimate reasons.
Such requests must be addressed to:
Head office and plant: via S. Antonino, 107. 52043 CASTIGLION FIORENTINO (Arezzo), Italy. Tel. +39.0575.65601 Fax +39 0575 65.93.55.
Web site

For further details, please read the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy (and legal disclaimer) of PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI website.


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